10 Murals in 10 Days / August 19-28

We welcome you, your family, and friends to participate in the delight of creative discovery at the 5th Annual Mural Festival presented by RITE AID this August 19-28, 2022.

A total of 10 new murals will be painted by 10 different national and local artists at properties throughout the arts district. The project allows the artists a 10-day timeframe to paint their artwork designs to completion providing the public ample time to explore and meet the artists while they work. Free public programming and events are offered during the festival. 

FREE parking on 18th Street near ViBe Park and at the near by VB Convention Center. Metered parking along 19th Street. Paid parking lots at 19th St and Pacific Avenue. 

DOWNLOAD A B&W WALKING MAP 2022 Mural Festival Map read the press release


  • Sam Welty at Rite Aid
  • Hanna Kirby at Atlantic Park containers
  • Mia Guile at Esoteric
  • Tessa Duquette at 17th St Marketplace
  • Paul Santoleri at North End Bag Co
  • Erek Jones at WRV’s The Alley
  • Summer Paradiso at Organic Beginnings in partnership with LRNOW
  • TEEN Muralist Leani Thurton at Organic Beginnings
  • Hamilton Glass at DWELL
  • Nico Cathcart at Ambassador Inn & Suites in partnership with VAACC

All 10 locations are located within a short 1.5 mile walk and were selected by the ViBe Creative District nonprofit over the last year as the locally owned businesses and property owners expressed interest in participating in the festival to support the district’s growth. Property owners selected the muralists from ViBe’s data base of over 350 artists who have applied to open calls in 2022 and recent years. Property owners have also committed to preserving the murals for a minimum of 2 years and posting a sponsor plaque to recognize the funders. These public artworks are visible 24 hours a day and help create a sense of place and arrival within the arts district.

Thanks To Our Generous Sponsors For Supporting
The Vibe Creative District

17th Street Gateway Association, Chesapeake Bay Distillery, Esoteric, DWELL in the ViBe, North End Bag Company,
The Percy Jones Family Trust, Mark and Gina DesRoches, and Organic Beginnings Montessori School.

2022 Mural Festival Programming

Check out all the exciting 5th Annual ViBe Mural Festival Programming by the links below or by scrolling through the calendar:

Self-guided Walking Tours      |      Visual Scavenger Hunt        |      Guided Walking Tours      |     Guided Bike Tours      |     Golf Cart for persons with disabilities      |     
Coffee & Connection Hour with the Artists       |      Artist Talk Q&A at Virginia MOCA   |     Block Party featuring 757 Street Art Battle      |    “In Their Own Words” Artist Audio recordings       |    Lynnhaven River Now Environment Clean Up Day        |          Limited Edition Festival Merchandise 



Golf Cart Tours sponsored by Zero’s

Golf cart tours are offered for persons with disabilities who are unable to walk the 1.5 miles to tour the ViBe Creative District. Up to 5 passengers at a time may ride with a tour guide driver. Tours are scheduled as needed and when available by phone at 757-202-9533. This tour is free with support [...]



Meet local resident and ViBe-supporter Beth Kerchner and receive a FREE local-led guided tour of the ViBe Creative District to see hundreds of public art works from side walk and [...]

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