How it Began

In November 2015, a group of local business owners and civic leaders hosted an inaugural community event that welcomed the City of Virginia Beach Mayor, Councilmembers and Cultural Affairs Office to paint on the fence of the 18th Street Parklet space as a symbol of the grassroots, artistic efforts in the newly formed arts district.

Well-regarded artist and community arts advocate Ed Trask from Richmond led a paint-by-number mural activity that was open to any participant, child or adult, to illustrate the inclusive and welcoming nature of public art projects. The project quickly drew the attention of art students, amateur and professional artists who have filled the entire visible fence with art. In 2020, the community fence mural project expanded into the new Mediterranean Avenue Parklet and Butterfly Garden.



Public – Private Partnership: The fence is owned by the private condo association behind the park, while the strip of park space is City of Virginia Beach property.


100% community driven project open to any artist or resident in Virginia Beach.


To date over 75 murals have been hung for public display; at any given time there are 50+ murals on display.


18th Street has over 300 linear feet of art—one of the largest public art displays in the City of Virginia Beach. Mediterranean Avenue Parklet has an additional 250 feet of fence line for displaying art.


Artwork is donated by the artists who can apply to receive a supplies and materials reimbursement courtesy of a Virginia Beach Arts & Humanities Commission grant to the ViBe Creative District.