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Mar 14 2020 - Mar 27 2020



Access your Minds’ Potential: Understand How You Are Wired to Make Sense Of Your World.

You’ve read all the self-help books, taken all the personality tests, and asked a crystal ball, but still haven’t had the shift you need to get into your flow. 


Understanding how you’re wired is the first step to cultivating awareness and building the foundation that makes sense of your world.


Most of us are quite unaware of the effect our senses play as we respond to our environment, but they are the gateway through which information from the outside world is processed and relayed to our brains.


Discover your unique sensory threshold and tap into your true potential to fine tune practices that maximize working with the resources you have in the moment.


In this 3-part intensive with Catherine of Mind Potential you will take a Personalized Sensory Profile Assessment that breaks down and explains your individual sensory threshold* and helps you to:


  • Understand how to engage with your environment more mindfully, adapt to the moment, and enhance your communication with others.
  • Become aware of what you need to do to show up at your best as a parent, at work, or while tackling your to-do list. 
  • Learn what environments allow you to be the most focused and productive and how to make adaptations in the moment when you’re feeling agitated, bored, fatigued, or overstimulated.


Maximize the limited energy capacity you have each day.


Join Catherine Divaris BSc.O.T and Sensory Intelligence Facilitator at the Annex – Collaborative Studio on:


Saturday, March 14th from 2:00-3:30p

Saturday, March 21st from 2:00-3:30p

Saturday, March 28th from 2:00-3:30p

(Doors open at 1:30pm for a prompt start at 2:00pm)

Your ticket includes the full comprehensive Sensory Matrix Profile, all resources and print outs, snacks and refreshments and, all three of the above workshop dates.


Your Sensory Matrix Profile gives you a personalized report of how you process the world through movement, sight, sound, taste and touch to help validate your responses to the experience you are in. 


Leave equipped with skills to manage day to day stress and anxiety after creating a Sensory Toolkit* that demonstrates valuable changes you can make to enhance the sensory experience in places like your car, home and office.